Psychotherapists usually maintain a professional distance and remain in the background as a person. The focus of any consultation or therapy must be always the client and his/her concerns. The job of the therapist is to listen, possibly carefully guide, but never to contribute on a personal level. Nevertheless, it is important for the client to find the right “match”. Not every therapist is right for every client. That’s why I offer a cost-effective 75-minute initial consultation, in which you can address any concerns or questions and get a personal impression. In addition, below you will find some information about me as a therapist, focus of practice and therapy methods, hoping it will help you with prescreening.  I’ll be happy to answer short questions during my telephone hours or by email. For a personal meeting and clarification of more complex questions, I recommend the 75-minute initial consultation.

More information about this initial meeting can be found here.
Information about email, phone number and telephone hours can be found here.

Professional Confidentiality

“Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie” are subject to the legal requirements regarding confidential medical communication and bound to professional secrecy. Moreover, (to me) professional confidentiality is a prerequisite for a trusting relationship and of utmost importance, in terms of work ethic and for a meaningful and open exchange between client and therapist.