Focus of Practice

One of the focal points of my practice is „Crises, Grief and Loss“, and I accompany my clients in these areas. This subject initially seems very difficult and stressful, and naturally, it is for most people who are in an acute crisis. However, every crisis also holds a seed for growth and movement towards a fulfilled happy life. This is the second focus of my practice: the individuation process, development of perspectives and movement towards the true Self. Methods touch on C.G. Jung’s depth psychotherapy and include guided imagery and biographic work. Methods that are more likely to be used in crisis and grief counseling are talk therapy (Carl R. Rogers), Family Constellations (Hellinger), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), rituals and methods used in grief therapy, techniques used in trauma therapy and aspects of behavioral therapy.

Professional Confidentiality

„Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“ are subject to the legal requirements regarding confidential medical communication and bound to professional secrecy. Moreover, (to me) professional confidentiality is a prerequisite for a trusting relationship and of utmost importance, in terms of work ethic and for a meaningful and open exchange between client and therapist.

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